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Lindy Hop Workshop

  • LVL UP Dance + Fitness 6119 North Florida Avenue Tampa United States (map)

Lets swing dance! In this 2 hr workshop you will learn social dance etiquette, lead/follow roles, footwork, and more. Beginner friendly and experienced dancers are welcome! Lead by Swing instructors, Kyle Butler and Jaimee Merimee! *1 hour Social to follow workshop. Cost $20 per person. (no need to come as a couple)

The Lindy Hop is an American social dance born in Harlem in 1928. Popularized in the late 1930s to early 1940’s during the height of the “Big Band Era,” it offers a truly dynamic, playful, and social experience. Lindy Hop is a street dance which draws heavily upon improvisation and individual style coupled with a strong emphasis on partner lead and follow connection. Accessible to all ages, Lindy Hop regained popularity in the late 80’s - early 90’s. It is a dance enjoyed by many all across the world today, with groups and regular dances held in nearly every major city across America and beyond.

Instructors Bios

Kyle Butler

Kyle .png

Kyle has been dancing for over 12 years all across N. America. A former instructor at Washington State University he’s choregraphed numerous routines and won many regional competitions. His passion for the Lindy Hop has led him to attend international workshops taught by professionals all across the world. Currently, he resides in St. Petersburg, FL and his goal is to assist in growing and inspiring his passion for social dance with individuals from all ages in his local community.

Jaimee Merimee


Jaimee has been dancing swing for over 10 years, and has taught numerous east coast swing, balboa, and lindy hop lessons and workshops in the Tampa Bay Area. Her love for dance has lead her to travel to many different cities in Florida for lindy hop dance exchanges, and to a couple other out-of-state ones as well. She has a true passion for swing dancing and loves showing others how much fun it can be.

Workshop Outline:

First Class:

- 5 mins - Introduction

o Introduction

o Rotation

o Social Dance Etiquette

- 10 minutes – Pulse, Warm-up

o Up beats vs. Down beats

o Counting

o Posture

o Pulse importance

- 15 minutes - Connection

o Connection exercises and explanation

o Lead & Follow Roles

 Lead and follow exercises

- 15 minutes – 8-count Lindy Hop

o Footwork syncopation

o Side by side

o Lindy promenade

- 15 minutes – Introduction to Swing Out

o Lindy Circle

Break – 10 – 15 mins

Second Class:

- 5 mins – warm-up

- 10 mins – review previous class

- 15 minutes – Introduction to turns

o Inside vs outside

o Leading with frame-work

o Following with frame-work

- 15 minutes – variation on turns

- 15 minutes – Introduction to Charleston

o Pulse

o Posture

o Footwork

Break – 15 minutes

Social Dance – 1 hour