Class Descriptions


Zumba dancing is best described as a fun, joyful Latin inspired fitness class that combines all the rhythms in Latin music. Join us for an hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing fun. Ditch the workout and join the party (Wear sneakers and workout attire)


What is PiYO? PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined. No weights. No Jumps. Just hard core results. (Barefoot)


Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities. (Barefoot and workout attire)

Dance Fit

 This workout combines many dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, pop, disco, Latin, Broadway, burlesque, and more.  DF brings together fun, energetic, and easy to learn dance moves with a maximum level of cardio burn using music from a wide range of decades and genres.  You are guaranteed to hear your jam or find a new favorite. This class is 50 minutes.  (Wear sneakers and workout attire) 

Dance Fit Mix - Cardio Blast/Tone

If you want more intensity, this is the class for you!  It is all the fun of  Dance Fit but adds high impact movements that will increase your heart rate and calorie burn. We mix in some Ballet Fitness and toning exercises that will have get your sweat on!  This class is 50 minutes. (Wear sneakers and workout attire)

Dance Fit Low Impact

This workout is a low impact dance fitness class that brings together fun, energetic, and easy to learn dance moves. Each class uses many dance styles such as jazz, disco, Latin, Broadway, and more.  We dance to classic hits through the decades, which makes this workout feel like a dance party! (Wear sneakers and workout attire)

Adult Ballet

Learn the ballet basics in a welcoming and non-competitive environment. Classes will consist of barre exercises that focus on proper alignment as well as the steps which foster core and leg strength and flexibility. (Barefoot or Ballet shoes)

Modern Dance Fusion (Open to All Ages/Levels)

Come throw off your shoes and feel grounded into the earth. This class will focus on the fundamentals of Modern Dance and improvisation, allowing each participant to find their own movement styles. We will build strength, flexibility,musical awareness and an understanding of how movement can make one feel. (Barefoot)

Belly Dance Mixed Levels

How about a fun way to work up a sweat while improving flexibility, coordination, strength and it's easy on your joints? Try Bellydance today! Learn the basics of this beautiful ancient art form with a fun and professional teacher. Great for total beginners, no dance experience necessary.  This class is 1 hour (Barefoot or ballet shoes, hip wrap optional)

Advanced Belly Dance

This is by invite/previous experience only. Students must have taken Bellydance lessons with an experienced teacher for at least two years. 
Please bring zills, veil, ballet slippers if you have them, and a notebook for notes. (Barefoot or ballet shoes, hip wrap)

Whipaheels: Beginner Heels Class

This is a beginner level heels class of soft romantic dance focusing on body confidence, stamina, and full body toning. It can improve grace, sensuality, hip range of motion for any dance level. You will gain a sense of confidence, independence, sexiness and strength. *Heels not required

*First class free does not apply to this class. Drop ins: $15. Pay @soulherpowerco/Viva Williams directly if this is your first Whipaheel’s class.

This class prepares you for our BodySoul Chair Dance classes!

Hip Hop/Jazz Class (Adult and teens)

Try a fun, high-energy class where you can express your inner creativity and sass! This is a beginner-level class that teaches students how to keep up with the rhythm of music while dancing with a sharp and edgy style. This is a workout that improves your core, flexibility and ability to keep up with choreography. Songs can have different meanings to everyone. Students will be given a routine and will be able to improv and express themselves in their own unique way. (Sneakers or jazz shoes, comfortable loose clothing or workout attire)

Burlesque + Chair Dance (Private Group Events and Private classes)

Make it a girls night out to remember! Come learn some fun, sexy, and sassy moves on and off the chair.  This class includes drills, combinations, and short routines. Bring out your inner lioness!  I will create a class specifically for your group.  (Themes could include: decade party hits, Fifty Shades, Beyonce, Hip Hop, Jazz/broadway, etc)  Call for more details. (BYOB)

Sit and "Dance" Fit (Seated dance aerobics) - Will travel apon request.

Get your body moving and grooving from the stability and comfort of a chair.  Increase energy level, enhance coordination, and improve flexibility.   You will be dancing in your seat. (Great for Seniors, beginners, and anyone with special needs) This Class is 50 minutes.


ballet-class 1.jpg

Pre-Ballet  (2 - 3 Yrs)

This class is great for your tot's first dance class! He/She will learn creative movements and basic ballet steps in a fun and creative way. We use props and imagination that will keep your tiny tot engaged. Class is taught by our wonderful ballet instructor, Miss Abigail. *Dress Code Required: Leotard, ballet shoes, and tights. (boys can wear shorts/t-shirt).

This class is 30 minutes. 

Ballet I (4-6yrs)

Your little dancer will learn all the basics for his/her first ballet class. We keep it fun, energetic, and creative. Class is lead by our wonderful ballet dance instructor, Miss Abigail. *Dress Code Required: Leotard, ballet shoes, and tights. (Pink is the easiest to find).

Breakdancing (Elementary & up)

Breakdancing is taught by our pro b-boy, Chad "Fresh Roc" Jackson. You will learn a variety of movements including toprock, downrock, power moves, freezes, and more. This class is beginners and for all ages! Comfortable/loose pants and sneakers recommended.

Breakdancing with Chad

Breakdancing with Chad

*Kids ages 12+ can attend most classes offered by LVL UP

Class Price Options

Single Class - $12.00

5 Class Pack - $55.00

10 Class Pack - $100.00

VIP Unlimited Monthly Class Pass - $80.00 a month

Kids Classes - $10.00

Kids CLass Pack - $40.00

Weekly Class Schedule at a glance


9am – Dance Fit

5:30pm – Pre-Ballet (2-3yrs)

6pm - Ballet I (4 – 6yrs)

6:30pm – Zumba

7:30pm – Whipaheels – Beginner Heels Class


5:30-6pm - Pound Express

6 - 6:0pm - Pound Express

6:30pm – Breakdancing (Elementary and up)

7:30pm - Jazz/Hip Hop (Adult/Teen)


9am – Dance Fit Low Impact

5:30pm – Dance Fit

6:30pm – Adult Ballet


5:30pm – PiYo Live

6:30pm - Special Pop up classes (Class varies - Modern Dance Fusion, Pound, etc)

7:30pm – Bellydance

8:30pm - Advanced Bellydance


11:30am – Dance Fit Mix - Cardio Blast/Tone

7pm – Mambo Fridays with Dan McGraw (not a LVL UP class)


9:45am - Pound